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Hot Air Balloon Parade

The last weekend of September the skies of Câmpu Cetăţii is full of colorful hot air balloons. One can fly, or just ”take the elevator” and admire the different IFO-s (identifyed flying objects ): paragliders, motorized gliders, ultraligh planes and helicopters. To fly a hot air ballon, one must comply with strict rules: take-off is permittes exclusively in the morning between seven and ten o

Barn Theatre

The history of theatre in Mikháza dates back to the 17-18th century, when, according to the records, the local religious school’s pupils put on stage mostly liturgical drama, in Latin and Hungarian, with the support of the Franciscan monks. In 2002 a few actors initiated a summer festival, the Barn Theatre, hosted in the beginning in a crowded community centre. Later the event was moved to a new site: a completely rebuilt and enlarged barn. The annual cultural event taking place during summer (June – September) offers to the rural communities of the Niraj Valley living far from the cultural centres a buoyant cultural milieu. Its purpose is to preserve and revive the love and need for culture of the rural communities, to preserve traditions.

Wine fest

If you want to have a look about hungarian traditions, this festival offers a great opportunity. You can see brave young fellows, you can taste great wines and sweet grapes. To dance at the bal is inevitable, but don

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An autumn agricultural exhibition which has lately become a festival. This is the occasion when local farmers can attend professional lectures about farming, a product exhibition takes place. Freshly draught beer in any quantity! This is why the event has “borrowed” – somewhat audaciously – the name of the famous Bavarian festival: Oktoberfest…

Willage fest Eremitu

It is both a cultural and musical festival, which offers a great opportunity for the people to catch-up. The main concept is to hand our traditions for the upcoming generations.

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Folk Dances and Music Camp

Collectivization did not affect Sâmbriaş, fact that was beneficial for the preservation of the immaterial cultural heritage: folk dances at songs. The folk dance camp organized each year in mid-July Sâmbriaş offers dance and music courses for beginners and advanced, folk pub throughout the night, ethnographical presentations, concerts, workshops for children etc..

Roman festival

Roman Festival is held in the last weekend of June. Getting acquainted with the culture of ancient Rome, a time travel: Roman craftsmanship, workshops, Roman gastronomy, gladiator fights, guided tour to the ruins of the local Roman castle, playhouse, film projections.

Days of the Becheci

Event organized on the first week-end of October, when mounted hussars climb on top of mountain along with many hundreds of people who make merry in this open air cultural and commemorative event.
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Annual events in the Niraj valley